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What I learned about Blue Ghost

Leave the camera at home and just enjoy it, that’s what I learned. 

My shoulder is really sore after scuffling along carrying it in the dark for a few hours. I was after this awesome photo below which I did NOT take.

and after combining 8, 60-second shots, I came away with this. I should’ve done more shorter exposures or videoed. Continue reading

Complaining and complementing

It seems nothing is made to last anymore, regardless of what you pay! At least with appliances. I don’t know how the landfills are not full of appliances just a few years old. None of those appliances in the first house in 1993 ever had a problem in the 12 years we lived there. Not to jinx it but the fridge in the garage is from that house and is still working.

I’ve written about my thoughts on our “new” appliances, followed by a post on what I thought was my fault with too much grease put in the dishwasher.

Turns out it wasn’t me. The dishwasher, the same one that leaked the first time we used it, had quit working correctly and it just took me a while before I realized it was a problem with the dishwasher itself and had nothing to do with that little red colander with grease in the teeny tiny holes.

It’d start to wash. You could hear water swishing and the dispenser door open then it’d just stop. Lights were on, nothing was happening, then the light would come on that it was drying, then done. You open the door and the dishes are still dirty, the soap is dry and just spilled out from the dispenser and it’s hot.  I read online to try turning the breaker off for a bit. Didn’t work. I read to hit any 3 buttons 4x in a row and it’d reset and run diagnostics. I did. I blinking light morse code flashed 7-1 which was a problem with the heating element. I didn’t think that was the case based on the temp and steam. BTW if you ever need to know what your dishwasher reset is, instead of wasting hours on Google, take off the bottom panel and there are instructions stuck in the insulation.

When I was digging back for the warranty manual on it, I saw that I had purchased an extended Lowes warranty on two appliances. So now I could get the new dishwasher AND the icemaker fixed. It had been turned off a year ago when I got tired of running the hair dryer in it every few weeks to make it stop humming and start making ice again.

After I called I turned the top ice maker back on thinking we’d use it again until it froze-up before the guy came. Within a few days, that annoying loud hum started from the fan that freezes up. I had to get the hairdryer out again just to get it to stop.

The dishwasher repair guy ordered a new control panel but they haven’t called to say it is in yet. Hope it fixes it. I’m tired of handwashing. I feel pretty stupid for not realizing it couldn’t have been that small amount of grease.

Paul, the fridge repair guy put in a newer model icemaker in. Ours was the first model A, and it was replaced with model C. He showed me the differences in the two models and caulked something when he put it in there. He also pulled it out and adjusted the waterline going into it which gave me a chance to vacuum up the cat hair. He didn’t see Tyler but I’m sure he realized we had cats.  Bugs me more that Samsung lied about knowing they have a problem, then the fact that they do. They know they have the class action suit against them for that model, and just told me to defrost with the hairdryer. He said that warps the plastic and it only made it work again for a few weeks after all the effort.

I’m really glad we bought the extended warranties. On a note about a company standing behind their product is North Face. My mom gifted hubby a raincoat for a birthday. It basically fell apart and the inside would leave white flecks of material everywhere. I read on, a Ragdoll cat site I follow that North Face has a limited lifetime warranty. With only a few bucks in shiping, I sent it off for repair and guess what? They sent a new one as that one couldn’t be repaired. It is so nice for a company to stand behind what they sell

So cheers to NorthFace & Lowes, and boos to Kitchenaid and Samsung. I’m glad most of my work is from home, especially with the half day times required to meet each person.

First post ever with a picture I think. Sorry, but the only one my mind conjured up was beating my appliances with a baseball bat or burning money. Guess I could’ve taken one of the replacement rain jacket. I am posting this after spending 2 hours on hold with Dell because my still under warranty DVD wouldn’t play. Not the week I had planned, but on the bright side, it wasn’t raining on those two days.

I saw a post of a friends Facebook page. Said “I really need to be taken out on a date… or a sniper.. either one is fine at this point. Happy Friday 🙂

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A few stolen hours, a few sights were seen

7-UP barn-sm

I added the wood texture, well, just because I wanted to

This cold I’ve had seems like it will never go away, at least the cough and tired part. Grant you, I’m not coughing enough to try the Fisherman cough drops that were recommended. I’ve stopped the mega Vitamin C doses and seriously doubt I’m still contagious, so I’ll be venturing out in public again. It always bugs me when someone out spreading their various bugs about in places so I tried to stay home and not share. I’ve washed my hands so much they’re dry and itchy, but I think hubby has avoided this catching one.

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The making of a pet portrait

I am honored to be trusted to create our friend’s pet portraits. I really think he loves his Rottweilers as much as I love my furbabies.. and that is saying so much.

I even snapped a quick one of their old kitty, Sylvester they inherited when a family member passed. Now to decide if they’d look best on wood, canvas, standouts, metal, acrylic, glass or as framed prints.

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