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I found the perfect pantry!

On our final build, we have a walk-in butler pantry with a pass-through to the kitchen plus a space to slide the coffee pot & toaster back out of view.

I’d plan to do some BTS shelving too with the neat and clean look of EZStudRack, and still may. I was going to have a photo slide to hide the between the studs shelving on cabinet bottom sliders turned sideways that I took, and had printed on canvas of one of our neighbor’s Highland cows. I never have my own photos printed for me and this by far is the largest. It would hide the lesser used shallow items BTS, and may still, but for now that is on the wait and see if I still need that space.

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So, I’ve spent hours and hours online and even drove to Charlotte to Ikea to find shelves for the pantry. They had some shelves that would work but the deeper ones came with doors I didn’t want or need.

My talented hubby can build them but I’ve wanted white and I don’t like how cans seem to stick to painted shelves. I could’ve done melamine or laminate like Closetmaid but didn’t love the look and they were not deep enough anyway. I also considered garage-type shelves like one line of Homedant REIBII or Gladiator, but it wasn’t until I saw the flat finished metal over the T holes that sealed the deal. I needed at least the bottom to be 16.5 deep for my FIFO organizers. (LOVE THESE) I bought the cheaper one first but the sizes were not as customizable (and short on dowels) and they couldn’t stack so I went to the one shown first that fit more can sizes and increase in increments of 10″.

Nothing was just right until I found Homedant Home and Kepsuul.

I chose Kepsuul because of the width and height over Homedant Home and for the fact that it is possible to order extra shelves directly from them. Kepsuul. comes in white or black, both with “wood” shelves. Kepsuul. does over sides and backs in different colors too. I think I’m going to add wood crates here and there and just put felt on the bottoms.

Kepsuul. lets you put the side rails in with the shelf on top or you can flip them over like a basket. Homedant Home lets you do the same plus flip the back or front one way to hold things from falling off or from going over the back. I tried that with the Kepsuu but the height difference on the shelf was about 1/8″ off.

I ordered 3 Five shelf Kepsuu units and liked them so much I decided to do our master closet with them also and ordered more plus some of their rack and shelf units and a smaller 16″ Five shelf . Now it will still be months before these can go in the house. I typically unbox everything and check what I ordered way ahead of time but after unboxing one of these and putting it together there is now way I’m unboxing all of them to check because I’ll never get them back in the box to stack and moving them to the new house would be a lot harder. On the one I did unbox and put together one shelf had a corner messed up. I’m hoping that the company will stand behind all that I’ve purchased even if it’s a few months until I open all the boxes.

It says customizable on the box and that’s a good word, better than adjustable shelves but it is more difficult than pulling 4 pins out of holes and adjusting a shelf. The box comes with a rubber mallet and it’s needed.

So Kepsull for the win and for a pantry I think I’m going to love.

I’ll pop in more after we quit working 6 days a week and of course, I’ll follow up with a finished pantry photo along with some other house photos. I ordered most of the tile this week too, but had to stop on some online ordering and working at the house to go out checking all the granite and countertop places to get that locked in since all the cabinets have been ordered with delivery scheduled. Plus again it’s that time of year I have to get all of our paperwork organized for taxes.

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The last pet food recall (from me)

12/16/2022HEB TEXAS PETSHEB TEXAS PETS Indoor Complete Dry Cat FoodPotential Salmonella contaminationTFP Nutrition

Hello all,

If you followed my blog just for the recalls only you may want to unfollow me. I hope you continue to stay but while we’re building and I have NO time to do anything much less keep up with my blog I made the decision to let this pet food recall notification go.

There is another gal, Susan Thixton, that does it way better than I ever dreamed of anyway. Check her site out, it includes so much more than pet food recalls, and unlike me, she seems to have all her ducks in a row.

This recall here actually came out on the 16th and I didn’t even see it until tonite. I simply don’t have enough hours in the day.

YOu can find her sites here:
Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate

Hopefully, after we’re in the house and I play catch up on the things I have to and really want to, I’ll get back to my blog, waterfalling, book covers, talking about Tyler and sharing photos.

In case I don’t get back on here before the weekend, I’d like to wish each and every one of you a very merry & blessed Christmas and a happy new year.

I hope you stay tuned but I wish the best regardless. ~ Kim

If you enjoyed this post, my cover design or photography -please share. If you’d like to follow my blog, and get an email when I post, just click on the “follow” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page or on the homepage.  You enter your email address, and you’ll receive an email confirmation in return. I do NOT share email addresses. To learn more about my book cover design, photography or the books I’ve authored— my first homepage on this site has all the links

and finally the kitchen on the 1 yr anniversary of getting our C.O.

I can not believe we got our certificate of occupancy a YEAR ago today. I feel like we just moved in. I also can’t believe it’s taken me a year to get to all the posts on the house we built and that we’re already working on the next one and final one…. but here we go – who needs a break anyway 🙂

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Windows, doors, studs and rain chains, oh my

This is mostly about what we did in the house we’re in now that we built and moved into last April, the alabaster modern farmhouse, but there are references to our past homes and what will be our final build, that we’re working on the land now while we WAIT on others to do what they need to do before we can really get going.

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Firsts on the new house

Before I really get into sharing more on the last house we will be building in 2022, I thought I’d share a broad list of the few things we tried new for the house we’re in now, that we built and moved into in 2021.

This will likely be part 1 on a 3 part series.

Hubby and I have come a long way over the years and house builds. Not to say we agree on every detail because we absolutely don’t. We both have what’s important to each of us, and where we can and will compromise. We also have things we like that get repeated and things we want to try something different.

This 2021 alabaster farmhouse had an entire page of “rules” I had to stick to on the design because it’s the smallest land we’ve built on and the septic took up most of the yard, moving the house South and East more than we preferred. There was also a fine line between how high it was getting in the back, how many courses of block for the daylight basement, how high off the ground to work versus how far below the road and the driveway steepness. All a balancing act of what would be best for us, and best for resale.

We did lots and lots of first.

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Merry 2021 Christmas

After the nineteen months of “2 weeks to flattening the curve“, I felt like reaching out and had intentions of using up the stack of free Christmas cards I’ve accumulated. They’ll go back in the drawer for another year because despite my good intentions, somehow with everything going on I ran out of time… again. On the bright side, this Christmas letter comes with more pictures and links 🙂

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1st waterfalling day in a year for my 51st + 1st Autumn waterfall for good measure (4 days, 7 waterfalls = one long post)

I am still playing catch up from basically a year hiatus from posting on here. Once I get caught up a bit, it’ll go back to the less frequent posting, hopefully without another year-long absence. If you’re not interested in waterfalls or WNC you can skip this long one. 🙂

Prooving again that the best-laid plans are better when they’re flexible.

We have not been waterfalling since we tried to see English Falls on my last birthday… a year ago (and a year late in posting about it). This one is still delayed but not as bad. My good cameras were not really off the shelf and we didn’t go on a waterfall outing not one single time in a year as we worked on building the new house, so we planned to go for this birthday. All work and no play well, you know the saying.

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