What I’m reading January 2020. Randy Alcorn

My mom bought the series but we were both reading the second one, Dominion at the same time so I got a copy from the library. This is one thick book to finish in 3 weeks while you have lots of other stuff going on.  My mom loaned me book 3, Deception with the promise she’d […]

The last book I’m reading this year is the first in a series by Randy Alcorn

View this post on Instagram Last read for 2019 was Deadline by Randy Alcorn. Yes, I would recommend it. Read more on my website at KimberlyMaxwell.com #KiminWNC #KimberlyMaxwell#KimberlyHMaxwell #KiminWNC #coverscatsandclicks #KimberlyMaxwell#bookcoverdesign #bookjacket #bookjacketdesign #bookcoverphotography #books #readmore #whatIamreading #readingnow @randyalcorn_epm A post shared by Kimberly Maxwell (@kiminwnc) on Dec 29, 2019 at 6:55am PST is Deadline […]

What I’m reading for January 2018. Harper, Hyder, Grisham, Cash

For several years now, reading my Bible and just for fun novels has been a goal. Up until this year though I’ve been reading mostly non-fiction books that applied to my work, and one CC Tillery novel each year as I designed the covers and they were released. Since I think this is my first blog […]


“We did our own cover for the first two books in our Appalachian Journey series, Whistling Woman and Moonfixer, but after they became best-sellers on Amazon, we decided we needed to go with a professional for the third, Beloved Woman. And boy, are we glad we did. Kim’s cover for Beloved Woman is gorgeous and she […]

What I’m reading January 2019. Boom/Sherrill, Rizzi

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom with Elizabeth & John Sherrill. and The Horse Whisperers from Anaconda by Allen E. Rizzi View this post on Instagram What I'm reading January 2019, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, Elizabeth and John Sherrill and The Horse Whisperers of Anaconda by Allen E. Rizzi. Details will be […]