That’d make a cool cover!

I design book covers and shoot photos for use on covers. Details can be found on

Technically, most of my photos that have not been used on another author’s cover can be purchased.

Here are some that I thought would make a great cover.

I’ve purchased and invested time learning photography, Photoshop, InDesign, OnOne, Topaz, Nik and Lightroom in addition to materials for color, and type. I can shoot realistic photos or shoot and edit completely out of the box creatively. I appreciate you considering me for your book cover design and photography needs.

All rights reserved.


Book Cover Portfolio

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If you would like to purchase a print, a photo for a book cover, or get permission to use my images for any reason please contact me. My images are copyrighted and all rights reserved.


Product Photography

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New Sun  has used both my individual product shots and theme group shots. Their web designer added the logos and print.

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These ceramics with personality were created by Jean Greeson. I couldn’t help but think they would make wonderful book characters. She may also be offering custom designs of your own pets or book characters – yep you read that right.

I’ll post her website address as soon as it’s available. I hear her husband Donald is a wonderful illustrator. I know several of my author friends who inquired about having illustrations for books- and he came to mind.

Pet Photography

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A sampling of my photos

I’ll be adding others this year as I get a portfolio together. In the meantime, you can find me on Viewbug or Flickr

I like to shoot just about everything except people (that one good looking man is my hubby so I don’t mind pointing my camera at him. Here are a few that have won contests.