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Prints, Curves and a high-pressure water injury accident.

2019 Print comp-sm

I wasn’t going to enter the print competition because I spend too much time and too much money having prints printed, mating or backed, choosing three and then storing prints that I don’t have room for…. but then, I did. Congrats to all the winners! I’m not sure which photo was marked which but my #s were 11, 31 and 51 so I can go back and see their score at some point. Continue reading

Honorable mention in WNC Magazine photo contest

It was not in the rules not to have your photo watermarked but they requested one without it after the contest had started. I’m not in the habit of posting large photos or photos that have not been watermarked since it is what I do for a living. It was my understanding you only sent larger, logo-free photos if you won the contest or they wanted it for the cover as then they would give photo credit. Although I’m honored to have an image chosen to be in the finals and be awarded an honorable mention.

https://www.wncmagazine.com/…/images_western_north_carolina… #24/50 Cold Squirrel


Squirrel in the snow. “Cute for food”

My entry is the squirrel in the snow title Cute For Food. (no longer watermarked)

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Balance, Symmetry, the forgotten pics topped off with a challenge


I had all sorts of ideas for CCoH monthly critique theme of balance and symmetry for April. I was going to do a thumbprint. I talked to my best friend about asking her teenage twins if they’d let me photograph them which is totally outside my area. I had it in mind when I went with a friend to shoot at Biltmore. I took one of Tyler with his “broken leg” pose,  a set up a marble shot, then I let the deadline go by without entering anything.

I didn’t want to go see what new naming rules the club made and change my Lightroom export profile settings. I didn’t really want the pictures of Tyler critiqued because I just couldn’t take the critiquer saying anything negative about my boy right now – no matter how constructive. Plus I just didn’t really want to share something so personal and close to my heart just yet even if I originally shot some for this theme.

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Aiming high in WNC magazine contest

my cardinal WNC mag (Small)

Last year my cardinal made the cover of WNC Magazine. The thrill when my hubby carried in my issue with my image on the cover was wonderful. Thank you WNC Magazine for sending a few extra copies! There are two subscriptions of non-photography magazines I plan to keep. WNC Magazine and Our State. Now it didn’t win any of the cash prizes but I was pretty excited about it making their cover.

Please go vote dailyhttp://wncmagazine.com/photocontest/vote

You may vote once daily October 16-31, during two rounds of voting. Continue reading

My Cardinal Rule photo made the cover!

My cardinal photo made the cover of WNC magazine!


My Cardinal Rule made WNC Magazine’s cover!

I didn’t win the judged contest but sure enough my photo was right there on the cover and they sent me a few copies. It was such a happy surprise when hubby got the mail and called out that it was on the cover.  It’s a nice magazine to check out too. I’d have to say I’m kind of partial to them. 🙂

If you’d like to help me win people’s choice, you can vote once per day thru January at http://wncmagazine.com/photo_contest

Shot last February with my FZ-200 that is also the one I shot the winning elk photo for Our State contest with too.


WNC cover Jan 2016 subscribe