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Why I chose superzoom bridge cameras

I had the post (below) already written when I bought a DSLR this month.
I know, gasp, right? I never thought I’d buy one.

A Nikon D3500 with 2 kit lenses to be exact. I’ve been trying to win a DSLR by entering contests for years. I just wanted to know that I knew how to operate one. My first impression of my new Nikon D3500 was boy, it’s light. With the 18-55 lens on it, it seemed to weigh less than my Pany’s. Typically DSLR’s are bigger and heavier.


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My 1st Camera Backpack, well basically my first backpack period.

The Four Bags I  looked at:
Vanguard Reno 45KG $90 comes in a nice brown or bright orange well and blue too.
Mindshift Gear Rotation180 Trail MS230 16l $119 plus $20 rain covers
Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 250AW $145
Mindshift Gear Rotation180 Panorama MS220 22L $199.99 plus $20 rain covers

ArrivedI watched a ton of videos on bags I was considering before narrowing it down to these four. I truly appreciated the time people took to post the bags in use and share what they liked and didn’t like and wanted to do the same for others. Lots of the video showed the in-use empty. I can say they all feel completely different the weight changes when you load them for use.

Since I’m behind on my editing, I’m going to post this now and will update with the video or add additional photos to this same post. So check back here within the next few weeks if this is of interest to you even after you’ve read my lengthy post below.

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New bag AND a new Fz2500?

2500I am looking at buying a 4-month-old camera from another camera club member. Because of the way my brain works I decided to make a pro and con sheet to help me decide. At least buying a used camera from someone I trust is better than buying one from someone I don’t know. I like to get my gear new because I have all the parts and the warranty and I know how I take care of my gear for resale.  I wouldn’t consider it if I didn’t know the person. Update I decided it wasn’t a purchase I should make right now, and I’m happy with my Fz1000. Continue reading

Reviews of Cameras I’ve owned- Mostly Pansaonic Lumix.

Cameras I’ve owned discussed here: Canon Powershot A720is, Samsung HZ30w, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100,  DMC-FZ200, DMC-FZ1000, DMC-FZ300 and Nikon D3500. I only owned the Panasonic DMC-GH1 for about a week when I got it for my 40th birthday but returned it when I realized it wasn’t the camera for me with its interchangeable lenses, when I thought it was too heavy to carry on a walk in the park within a few days of getting it.

I’ve always been the person with a camera at the holidays but I didn’t get serious about it until about 2004 or so. Before my Canon Powershot/Easyshare, I think my first digital camera was an Olympus D460z (C960z) 1.3MP that I really liked. Before that, I had a Pentax IQZoom60 35mm that you can still buy, but it’s listed as “vintage.” I actually still have but I gave all my film to a friend when she was going to do a 365 project with film. We got it after listening to a timeshare spiel. I remember wasting many rolls of film trying to capture lighting only to get back an envelope full of black images 🙂 Continue reading