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The January Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

My pics from the super blue blood moon lunar eclipse.

The night of the 30th hubby drove me around to a few good spots after I remembered I wanted I was supposed to be outside looking up. We were a little late getting it at moonrise but it was still huge and bright.

The morning of the 31st I drove to see my first every blood moon lunar eclipse. I’ve tried many times before to see the blood moon and we’ve always been too cloudy. It was cold with a few clouds and the red blood moon was something to see. I watched the lunar eclipse right before the moon fell out of view behind a mountain.



The sun, moon, waterfall and a moonbow

My first Blue Ridge Parkway sunrise with my hubby. If you’d like to watch it without having to get up at 4am.. click the link to the video. https://youtu.be/OrQbZXyLdKc

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Super Moon & Before the Lake Lure Fire

I hadn’t been to Lake Lure in quite some time befor going with the H’ville Camera Club. It’s kinda weird to see the fire photos from the news and know I shot these just days before the burning. This trip was the first time I saw a kingfisher too! It was on the other side of the lake shot hand held but still neat to see even if my photo isn’t the best. There is anothe rone in the leaves straight to the left from the one in flight. I heard a ruskus and turned to shoot.

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