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Biltmore House- twice in 2 months

I’ve been to the Biltmore House I think 4 times in my life. Once with my hubby. Once as a treat to mom for Mother’s day and twice as a guest. The last two times have been since Biltmore allowed photography inside.

Biltmore w mom 2-10-17-40-sm

The first set is from February when I went as a guest with my mom (picture above). She’s the skinny one in pink. Continue reading

Couldn’t resist the horses

We’ve been pushing so hard on building our new smaller home that I haven’t picked up my camera for fun in ages. Then the local camera club announced a few months ago it was going to Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC). I love horses almost as much as cats and I had to go- I mean it was only half a day and we’ve been in plenty of 12 hour work days.

I developed my photos over the next few Sundays but didn’t want to share until after the camera club showed their slideshow. It’s quite an amazing place!


Now back to photographing items I am listing for sale on SellingVille.com  as we get ready to move NEXT MONTH!

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Do you read books? Here’s what authors (and book cover artist) want you to know.

I was thinking about writing this for non-authors just to give a sneak peek into the world of those of us making trying to make a living writing but I’ll end with a fact long time KDP authors may not know changed on July 1, 2015.  #Bookreview Continue reading

Moonfixer by CC Tillery cover redesigned

My most recent cover design was a redesign of the second book in the internationally bestselling Appalachian Journey series by CC. Tillery.

Not only did I enjoy designing the cover, I enjoy the series too!

Moonfixer by CC Tillery – 2nd book in the bestselling Appalachian journey series