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International #CatDay

Tyler Maxwell

Posting on here a day late but then again our cats have always thought every day was cat day 🙂


Celebrating Two Anniversaries

Our internet has been off more than it’s been on lately so this is going to be short so maybe it will make it online while we have a connection.

TnT 9 year adoption ann (2)

Last week we celebrated Trinity and Tyler’s 9 year adoption anniversary. I am looking forward to finishing our new home so we can all just stay inside rest and cuddle for a bit. I’ve missed my two as we’ve been working extremely long days. They are both doing well. Praise the Lord we’ve not seen a seizure out of Trinity in over a year and I finally made myself put away the netcams watching her. I haven’t quite been able to do that with all the pillows yet under everywhere “up” she lays. Tyler is the most addictive personality I’ve ever seen. He starts something and does it without fail for months until a new thing comes along. I’m really wondering how they’ll handle the move.

YouHadMeatMeow Kimberly Maxwell

My book, You Had Me at Meow Considerations Before Adopting Your Cat, has now been out one year. I appreciate all of you who’ve spread the word, purchased or left a positive review of any of my books.

I’ve been so busy on the house that I’ve not taken new clients for covers or product photography. Heck I can’t find the time to keep up with daily things right now. I am aiming for the July – my more realistic husband thinks it will be August. I’m still trying to sell 1000 sq feet of items but just this week I was measuring for a floor outlet and geez our stuff is going to be crowded and since I designed it, I can’t blame anyone but myself.  It was easier to accumulate stuff than to downsize.

Well that’s it for now. Just wanted to touch base (while we have internet) and share our two anniversaries with you all. ~



According to the catculator

My furbabies are fifty three in human years today turning 9 years old.

We are still working trying to get the house in the dry so no picture session until Sunday, unless we get rained out. They did get extra treats on their breakfast and I’ll make it up to them as soon as I can. I will say last year at this time with Trinity going thru her seizures that I’m even more thankful for the time we have with them both.

Here’s a way back when Wednesday picture until I make time to take 9 year birthday pics.

E TnT Maxwell (1)


I did take a few pictures on their birthday but didn’t edit them until today. Here’s my babies at 9 years.



In our home every day is cat day… but we wanted to wish you all a happy National Cat Day too. Let me know if you spot the ‘third cat’.



I also like to mention two additional things.

One my new paperback or eBook   You Had Me at Meow; Considerations before Adopting your Cat. is a quick read if you or someone you know is thinking about getting a cat or kitten. There are things to consider about where to get your new feline from, things to get and pet proofing your home tips.
http://tinyurl.com/atMeowPB http://tinyurl.com/atMeow  www.atMeow.com 

and two, last night I was on a road where a dog got hit, not once but twice. I wish everyone keep their pets in the yard or house and got them all altered but I’m starting to think that is a pipe dream. It also occurred to me that people can call 911 for car wrecks and how great it would be for to be able to call a pet ambulance too. If the business couldn’t find the owners and couldn’t treat the animal at least they could administer pain meds or something instead of the confusion of people not knowing whether to get out of the car, try to get the injured animal off the road or what to do- simply car after car driving over it can’t be the answer. I don’t think most people know what to do. It was dusk and we’ve had local people killed when they were struck getting out of the car to help an animal but there has got to be a better way.

September pet holidays

Catalyst Council’s Happy Healthy Cat Month

National Disaster Preparedness Month

National Food Safety Education Month

Responsible Dog Ownership Month

National Pet Memorial Day September 13 Second Sunday in September

National Deaf Dog Awareness Week September 20-26 Last full week of September starting with a Sunday

World Rabies Day September 28

August pet holidays ~

Okay so it’s not a national holiday or anything but my print book of You Had Me at Meow will be out this week!


National Immunization Awareness Month

Aug. 1: DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs for all the shelter animals whose birthdays are unknown. Happy DOGust. Wonder if this comes from the ‘dog days of summer”?

Aug. 5: Work Like a Dog Day

Aug. 2-8, 2015: International Assistance Dog Week

Aug. 15: National Check the Chip Day

Aug. 15, 2015: International Homeless Animals’ Day

Aug. 17: National Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 22, 2015 National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

August 26, 2015 National Dog Day

Aug. 30, 2015 National Holistic Pet Day