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FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed Texas Tripe Inc. Raw Pet Food Recall



Pet recall and withdrawals – pig ears

Looks like… just quit buying pig ears for your dog.

Pet Supplies Plus Issues Consumer Advisory for Bulk Pig Ear Product FDA Investigating Contaminated Pig Ear Treats Connecting to Salmonella

Pet product recall

These were under pet products but some say use by a health care professional… sharing anyway since “Administration of a non-sterile product that is intended to be sterile by subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous or ocular routes of administration may result in serious injury or death.”

A Pet product (non food) recall

I hesitated to put this, but decided if it helped just one pet, I’d be glad it went out. Think it applies to vets but doesn’t hurt to make pet parents aware to ask about it, if your pet is having anesthetic.

04/24/2019 Jurox Alfaxan unpreserved, an intravenous injectable anesthetic for cats and dogs Out of specification result for clarity Jurox Incorporated