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Amazon is offering the hardback again of The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat

The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat hardback and paperback

Don’t know what changed but looks like after 2 years Amazon is selling the hardback of The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat again! Well, it says available for order and sold and shipped by Amazon.

Not sure if this for good or a limited time, but I may have to change my website and get the note on Amazons page changed, that says it’s sold exclusively at B&N.

Hats off to B&N too for always keeping it available.


4 years ago

I released my hardback of The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat for print. Now most people would celebrate a 1 year book release anniversary then probably wait till 5 years but since it took me 4 years to write it- today means something to me. 

To all of you who have purchased the book, left an Amazon or Barnes & Noble positive review, told a friend and liked my social media pages- I’d like to take a moment to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart

To the wonderful breeders and cat parents who sent in pictures. Thank you again. I appreciate you sharing your beautiful cats with me. I know some of the beautiful cats are no longer with us and I hope having them forever in print is a fond memory.

So today I just say thank you. 

Best to all,





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Interview with Jennifer Dean, aka, Jenny founder of the Ragdoll Cat site Floppycats.com

I ‘met’ Jenny online in a Yahoo Ragdoll cat group back in 06 or 07 shortly before I adopted Tyler and Trinity. Her website is terrific plus she is also a cat writer for her blogs and an author. She does lots of interviews, product testing and is just full of helpful information and readers.

She has interviewed me for all of my books and has featured Tyler and Trinity twice. After this last time, I asked to turn the tables and interview her.

Let’s find out about the person behind Floppycats and the author behind A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home  Continue reading

Floppycats.com featured Tyler and Trinity as Floppycats of the week


If you are a Ragdoll cat lover and haven’t found Jenny’s site you are missing out. Tons of great info, reviews and product testing going on over there. You’ll also see lots of awesome Raggie pics. She doesn’t discriminate either. My two are wannabe’s meaning they may have no Ragdoll in them, but she featured their our story too.

A 2007 TnT Maxwell (1)A.1 2015 TnT Maxwell
B Tyler Maxwell (1) C Trinity Maxwell (1)
B Tyler Maxwell (2)C Trinity Maxwell (2)
D TnT Maxwell (1) D TnT Maxwell (2)
E TnT Maxwell (1)
  E TnT Maxwell (2)
TnT Maxwell (1)
 TnT Maxwell (4)
TnT Maxwell (5) TnT Maxwell (2)
 Tyler Maxwell (2)Trinity Maxwell (1)TnT birthdays-sm

Denny & Laura Dayton

I learned that Denny Dayton passed away in April and that he attended a TICA cat show in January, so he was active in the cat fancy almost to the end.

Denny and Laura Dayton answering my correspondence when I wrote The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat, meant so much to me. I mean here is a couple that was so influential in getting the Ragdoll breed recognized and they had long since retired, but Denny took the time to call me, and Laura emailed me.

Hopefully, they are now reunited together with all the Ragdolls they loved. What a pioneering couple they both were in shaping the Ragdoll breed.