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Recovering- 1 week on the shoulder, almost 3 weeks from losing Trinity.

This post covers what was done to my shoulder and to say that the prayers worked with my IV.

Dr.William Taylor Hill Jones did the best IV with just ONE stick and the perfect cocktail of drugs so that I wasn’t even the least bit nauseous. Dr. Werner Brooks must be pretty good at shoulders too as the post-op pain is not as bad as I mentally prepared for it to be after reading other blogs. I won’t know for a few months on how my shoulder is really doing but I like him and so far I’m pleased with my surgery. I still forgot to tell him about all the people I know who are also happy with his surgical skills.

Dr. Brooks said everything went well and I should have 100% use of my shoulder. Today is one week and even though I know surgery would make it hurt worse for a bit it’s a little discouraging when the ache is larger than it was and the when a sharp pain hits they still stab me in the same places. I know how my back knots up… and it has but the muscle spasms all along my arm, back and neck were quite the surprise.


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Planning for shoulder surgery

post it noteMy 3rd post on my shoulder will be my last about it until after the surgery is over.

I am a fan of reading other blogs and tips from other people that have been there done that of something I’m going to do. I guess it kinda runs into my obsessive reading of reviews on products.

My shoulder surgery will be no exception and since I can’t learn to be left-handed in the next month, this is how I prepare. I’m sharing my list in no particular order, that will be edited and changed as I go. Sometime after my surgery, I’ll comment on what I did or didn’t need and what I learned or wish I’d have done differently.

Not really part of the shoulder to-do list but I still need to finish up the year-end business paperwork and work on cleaning up the computer. I know how foggy minded I can get when I’m in pain, on meds, or don’t sleep well.

I emailed my clients who likely would need me before spring, to let them know there would be a span of a couple of months after my surgery where I couldn’t do product photography, covers or computer work.

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The shoulder verdict

This is my 2nd post on my shoulder. I had the MRI on Monday and opted for the cheaper closed one at Blue Ridge Bone & Joint (now EmergeOrtho). I probably breathed too heavy. The more I tried to control my chest heaving up and down and try to picture myself on a mountain instead of an enclosed tube, the less air I felt I had. I shut my eyes before they stuffed me in but they had to stop and restuff the arm holder pads because they quit going in with me when they hit the opening. After just a few minutes my neck and both shoulders were tense and tight but they told me not to move so I didn’t adjust. About half way thru I realized when they put me in my right arm was no longer by my side but they told me not to move and I guess they could see what they were capturing. I’m glad it’s done and I guess they got what they needed because surgery is scheduled for next month.


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The shoulder, 15,500 mg, and a year later and what hurts where




500 mg of anti-inflammatory every day for all of January, one new far-infrared wand, some chiropractic visit, curcumin, Omega, lots of ice packs, topical creams, KT tape, Osteo Bio-Flex, and rest, … my right shoulder is no better.


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