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Slamming the pause button on life

I’ve had ribs go out before. It seems like if I am working extremely hard, over my ability my ribs stay where they’re supposed to.

In the past, the chiropractor could put them back in and I’d be fine in a day or two. This last one had me contemplating an ER visit when muscle spasms kicked in on top of the rib head being out.

October 23rd I did something so strenuous it sent me into immediate pain… I reached for the mouse.

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I love your hair… said no one ever.

That is just something I don’t hear unless someone who has straight hair thinks they’d love to have naturally curly hair with a mind of its own.

Guys- you can pretty much quit reading this post as it will probably bore you, in fact, if you’re a lucky female with beautiful thick full straight hair this isn’t for you either 🙂

On top of being curly, it’s also fine, thin, absurdly slow-growing and the back resembles a skunk stripe because it is turning gray at a completely different rate from the front. I don’t mind salt and pepper, or all white but the skunk look just isn’t going to work.

I’ve been letting my hair grown out for years and now, November 2017 its right back to where it was two years ago.

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Photographers etiquette

In reading a fellow writers blog about fishing, Allen Rizzi, wrote about fishing etiquette. I started to think about photographers etiquette and realized we have one too. I also realized for non-photographers often honor this unspoken code too… and sometimes everyone throws this courtesy out the window.


In typing it in a google search I see others have thought about these unspoken suggestions before me. I’m going to write my post before I read those.

This surprises me because I’m still amazed at people who don’t see the invisible line splitting a sidewalk in both directions and just keep barreling down fellow pedestrians. Or the huge amount of cars that seem to lack a turn signal. Or the absence of using please, and thank you.

I hardly ever shoot people but if it’s anything more than a quick snap of someone in public, if they are distinguishable, or kids perhaps I will ask but pretty much I just don’t shoot people. If it is a musician or artist I may throw in a bit of money if they have a hat out. If I sold my just for fun shots I’d go to the trouble of model releases but those are all reasons I prefer not to point my camera at people. Continue reading

Dad’s day

Forver in my heart.jpgIt’s been 14 years since I’ve had my dad here on earth to celebrate a Father’s Day and I’m still unable to find words. I haven’t been to church on Father’s day for years as I just sit there and sob. I still tear up at the smallest things even though I try to be grateful for the 32 father’s days I did have him here with me. My dad was an awesome dad to me and I miss him something terrible.

My dad was an awesome dad to me and I miss him something terrible.

I try to remember just the happy times but I still feel cheated having him taken so soon- just 10 days after his 61st birthday. I wanted more time! I want to sit with him again and see that smile that lit up his face. Continue reading

The bombs bursting in air *

The bombs bursting in air night after this year has gotten to my cats (and me).
I think I like the fireworks better when the 4th falls on a Friday or Saturday so they don’t go off for 4 or 5 nights in a row. My cats are scared of our cell phones and the ice maker, but fireworks on the other hand, haven’t been bothered them until now.
I’m guessing if I looked around our yard I’d find remnants of them in our yard from neighbors who don’t think the show the city puts on is big enough and buys illegal fireworks (for our area). Nothing like a neighbor a stones throw away pointing lit rockets away from their own home, that when set off in the neighborhood actually shook the painting on our walls with the bang.July4th-07Babies (4)sm
I’m not sure what the percent of pet owners is but I’m guessing theirs at least some amount of pet owners who have pets scared of fireworks that set them off regardless.
So glad fireworks are not set off for every birthday.
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Happy 240th

and a big thank you to all those who fought for our freedom.