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Caves, 6 Falls, the early morning moon, an archer, doves, and dragonflies… makes for a hard choice for 29of52 #2019Project52 +finger update.

Linville Caverns 07-13-2019 13.16.36_-sm

I’d been to Linville Caverns so long ago that no part of it look familiar or was tucked away in my memory. That may be a good thing because it mostly it was wet, cramped and the only thing I really heard was to watch our heads. We were with family so that made it all okay, just spending time with them. I took four photos but the only one I liked was the cobweb I saw while we were waiting. Continue reading

Deva Curl compared to Controlled Chaos. Brassy, curly and gray hair that I have.

FYI the entire post is about hair and hair products

Curly Kim Aug 2018 (4)

I saw a gal with beautiful curly hair at Chick-fil-a. It was after I had already discovered Controlled Chaos but went to ask her what she used anyway. She said, Diva Curl. I like that with CC you have one product for defining curls which I found out was not the case with DC. So I answered their questionnaire, a few different ways if I was between answers and then bought a sale package with some extra products thrown in. I’m am sticking with Controlled Chaos. Your mileage may vary.

Probably like lots of curly gals my curls are not the same all over. The back bottom part near my neck is the curliest and shrinks up the farthest in tighter curls, the bangs and top back are hardly even wavy and the rest is somewhere in between.  It’s all frizzy and dry and grows slower than a child waiting on Christmas.

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We know what happens when a finger goes in front of a 4000 psi pressure washer now :( Pics not for everyone

20190625_105558-smMonday. Hubby was washing out a fabric-like sleeve when either the water pressure either blew it out of his hand or the wand came out of the end and sliced his finger open when his finger went in front of a 4000psi pressure washer.

Where it blew open his finger was not the main problem. It forced air and dirty water into his finger and it instantly his finger blew up in size and then turned blue.

We were at the emergency room within 10 minutes. We sat in the waiting room for over SIX hours. They did say they broke a record with 17 ER check-ins within an hour. The swelling went down a bit then when it started to come back we finally made it to a room to find out that high-pressure water injuries can cause compartment syndrome and are often worse than they look. We read to seek immediate medical attention, and that almost 30% of these high-pressure water injuries end in amputation and that it is indeed worse than it appears. While sitting so long in the waiting room he was wishing he’d squeezed it right when it happened and poured some peroxide over it. That, or wore gloves or bought a  new sleeve. Although his pressure washer will write works in concrete so  I’m not sure gloves would’ve totally helped.

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Complaining and complementing

It seems nothing is made to last anymore, regardless of what you pay! At least with appliances. I don’t know how the landfills are not full of appliances just a few years old. None of those appliances in the first house in 1993 ever had a problem in the 12 years we lived there. Not to jinx it but the fridge in the garage is from that house and is still working. Continue reading

Outdoor Security Cameras- so many choices

Outdoor cam-sm

I wrote a post recently and found that I was not alone in needing outside security cameras so to help me make sense of the choices I’ll share what I’m looking at. I’ve been compiling this post since then but finally made the time to look up the last of the ones on my list. Maybe you can benefit from my hours and hours of reading and research— we shouldn’t ALL have to go through that! Check marks by the ones I’ve narrowed down to.

If you are not interested in security cameras you can skip this post.

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