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Standing on the promises

I want to thank each of who sent condolences on Trinity, especially those of you (a friend, family, our vet) who took the time to send a card. I am having a hard time with her death and showing that you care means a great deal.

By the time automatically post, I should be out surgery.


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The shoulder verdict

This is my 2nd post on my shoulder. I had the MRI on Monday and opted for the cheaper closed one at Blue Ridge Bone & Joint (now EmergeOrtho). I probably breathed too heavy. The more I tried to control my chest heaving up and down and try to picture myself on a mountain instead of an enclosed tube, the less air I felt I had. I shut my eyes before they stuffed me in but they had to stop and restuff the arm holder pads because they quit going in with me when they hit the opening. After just a few minutes my neck and both shoulders were tense and tight but they told me not to move so I didn’t adjust. About half way thru I realized when they put me in my right arm was no longer by my side but they told me not to move and I guess they could see what they were capturing. I’m glad it’s done and I guess they got what they needed because surgery is scheduled for next month.

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My eyesight ain’t what it used to be!

My first set of bifocals were just not right. Over and over they told me I wasn’t looking in the right place. Trouble was I couldn’t find the right place because there wasn’t one.

I have myopia, or nearsightedness for years when in 2014  I could no longer see close up things within arms length without taking my single vision glasses off.


Aug 2013 Rx for distance only glasses was the last time I’d be happy with my glasses.

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happy NEW year

Did last year fly by or what?!

Happy2018 for web

We are starting the new year off COLD. The forecast was for freezing temps but here in western NC we also received surprise moisture in the form of freezing fog that shut down the interstate and roads with wrecks after it became covered in ice. Only a few days above freezing this entire week and many single digit days.

Here’s to wishing you all a happy, healthy and blessed new year ~

I don’t really make new resolutions because I can just recycle the last several years and hope to make more progress on them this year.  To start off this new year I’m having to do clean up and piles of work from 2017. I’m also finding great joy in hitting unsubscribe from all sorts of mailing list. My inbox was simply taking up too much of my time each morning and most of the emails are from sites I follow online anyway. I had almost 200 subscriptions when I started.  Continue reading

PSA on 911 and DNC, DND & H2o -LOL I feel so young using so many acronyms

My mom had an accident yesterday (passed out and smashed her head to the floor). Thankfully she looks way worse than she feels and nothing was broken. Best guess is she got dehydrated since her heart checked out. They let her go home today. I think it’s her first orange sized knot on the head and black eye. I’d share a pic but she said “hellno”. Now that we know she’s going to be okay I can joke about how memorable this year’s Christmas pictures are going to be 🙂

Well instead of calling 911, mom called me 6x but I didn’t hear it until I got up and turned my phone on. Thankfully she fell in the morning instead of falling asleep the night before with a head injury.

Turning the ringer off on my phone could’ve been a huge problem. I’m so pissed at the telemarketers and it seems being on the DNC list & using Hiya don’t stop them all. I went as far as to give my contact list a ringtone but set my main ringer to silent because I wasn’t getting anything done and they called during the night which made us get up and go check to make sure family was okay. I really need clients or people interested in stuff I’m selling to be able to call so I went back to the silent at night setting.

My terrific cousin told me about the Night’s Keeper app. Before I looked at that I just looked at my Do Not Disturb setting- something I’ve never used. Even on my old Samsung s4 it has where you can set up an exception list to get thru when DND is on. It also has a place to set a schedule to turn it on and off. Had I known about this service I may have gotten to mom about 40 min quicker.

So hope that helps someone – and my mom will still take prayers.