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First December 2017 snow


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Feline Friday

It’s been over a month since I shared what’s up with my two furbabies. I absolutely can not get a look in Tyler’s mouth but it seems his removed tooth bothers him more than the FLORs tooth. Not like he’s not eating or anything that extreme but he sure does more with his tongue. The extraction didn’t change his jaw popping at the end of a yawn. In the photo above he’s doing his face plant pose. If it was new with his tooth I’d be worried but he’s been doing face plants since he was a kitten. Drooling when happy too.

Trinity is doing great except for sneezing a lot with her spring allergies. I just keep out water for added humidity, add Lysine to her food, clean her nose and eyes and give omega oil. In the one pic above you can see she prefers to see the world upside down even if she doesn’t love a belly rub like her brother.  The other one is caught mid-yawn or sneeze. I love that nose crinkle.

Tyler update and sibling strife

In the past Trinity has always really cared and watched over her brother. This time she didn’t seem to miss him while he was at the vets and she doesn’t seem all that sisterly now that he’s home. Guess it’s payback for how he treats her. She has also become a real pain with my mouse cord!

Tyler looks dopey from the oral Buprenex and he’s shaking his head and licking his lips quite a bit. Video here. He wasn’t head shaking or anything before, there was no change in eating etc to give me a clue he had FLORs.  Typically the lip licking is followed by vomiting but I imagine his mouth just hurts. I’ve been more successful getting the pain meds in him than the oral Azithromycin antibiotic. He’ll only be fed soft food for at least 3 days. I’m hoping he just sleeps and heals. Continue reading

Vet Checkup 2017 and a few pics

Despite the fact that hubby shot a nail 16 penny ring shank galvanized nail from a nail gun through his finger this week, as in an entry and exit hole, without going to the doctor. His back and feet are in almost constant pain, from broken ribs and vertebra that would put most people on a disabled list top it off with way too much arthritis.

The fact that I have not been able to smell anything for about 3 years, my left ear has been ringing for over 2 years, the left side of my jaw catching and popping, a tooth that has had a root canal and cap hurts even though it shouldn’t have pain and my right arm still has not healed from whatever I did to it while building the house…

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I made Tyler & Trinity an appointment for this week, mostly because it’s just been awhile. Plus unlike us, they have a doctor. Mostly for a full CBC and possible urine pH test, because they’ll be 10 in a few months. I’ll let you know how it goes. Continue reading