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The best camera tripod for me

Vanguard Alta+ 264AB tripod with SBH-100 ball head review. So the video isn’t the best. I didn’t have good lights or a mic, but I hope you find the written info helpful.

I narrowed it down to this Vanguard Alta+ 264AB w. the SBH-100 ball head, the Oben AC-1420 and the Induro Adventure AKB2. I couldn’t find a video showing how the Oben center column was inverted. I really liked the Induro, and found a great video by Curt Fleenor at http://youtu.be/rfFGjbTQKrE but folded- it was almost 1/2 my height.

I wanted a lightweight, sturdy, tripod without the center leg supports, with a ball head that would go low for macro work. I chose the Vanguard Alta+ 264AB tripod with SBH-100 ball head. Continue reading