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The move. The bathroom. The adjustments. The long story.

Tyler & Trinity don’t like sounds, and they don’t like change. I actually don’t know any other cats that are as scared of sounds as they have been their entire lives.

I planned the move to the new house as best I could. We moved most everything the day before and only had our bed and the litter boxes to move that morning. After that was done, we went back to get the furbabies. From the moment we left our old house the worrisome cries began. I thought it’d be best to start in the laundry room where their litter boxes would be so they had a smaller area to get used to before increasing it to the main house, with plans later to open individual room doors.

My plan was a bust.

Hubby thought it was because the laundry had tile floors like the veterinarian’s office. They both dove into the bed together and continued to fear for their life.


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What all cat’s don’t sit like this?

Every night is family cuddle time and by that I mean my two cats take turns giving dirty looks to whichever one has my coveted lap. Now in the mornings both cats want in my hubby’s lap.

So, I have my feet propped up on the coffee table and Tyler is laying belly up with his back to my chest when he stretches out, looks at me and cross his back legs stuck out there past my own legs (under the red blanket). I grabbed my phone to get a picture before he moved but ended up being no rush as he just kept laying there.

Don’t worry Trinity got her cuddle time too. My cats make me smile every day.

Tyler streched out sm

The story behind my new book

I was compelled to write, You Had Me at Meow; Considerations before Adopting your Cat after hearing one too many times things just like this:

Read my personal part and the rest of the story here http://atmeow.com/ mychildrenhavefur (Small)

If you know someone who is thinking about getting a cat. Tell them, or gift them this ebook.  It’s a short read, it’s not expensive and you may just plant the seed that adoption of a pet is not to be taken lightly or done on a whim.

$2.99 on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/atMeow