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Western North Carolina, NC, North Carolina, 828, N.C.

I can see for miles and miles — NOT.

Weed Patch Mtn Trail 11-02-2018 10.46.01-sm

Well, that was part of the plan anyway after reading Rich Stevenson post about Continue reading


Autumn sunrise, a few falls and a capture I’ve been wanting to get.

Sunrise BRP at Mills River Valley 10 31 2018 07.39.37-Pano-e-sm
Since it doesn’t look like we’ll ever be doing away with time change, June and I decided to get up to view the almost 8am sunrise. Still up at 5am for coffee and the hour long drive to get Continue reading

How ’bout them apples

and grapes and pumpkins. We have an abundance of churches, Mexican restaurants, and apple orchards around here, well now we have a lot of breweries too.

A few of us gals took off to hit the orchards around Western NC.  Several we drove past because they didn’t really look like they’d appreciate us touring around with our cameras and tripods.

St. Paul Mountain Vineyards 10 2018 7-sm


The first place out of the car was not an apple orchard, but a vineyard. Continue reading

WNC Magazine photo contest -please vote

If you already voted, please continue to vote once per day.  It was not in the rules not to have your photo watermarked but they requested one without it after the contest had started. I’m not in the habit of posting large photos or photos that have not been watermarked since it is what I do for a living. It was my understanding you only sent larger, logo-free photos if you won the contest or they wanted it for the cover as then they would give photo credit. Although I’m honored to have an image chosen to be in the finals, I may do things differently next year.


Squirrel in the snow. “Cute for food”

If you have a moment, would you please go vote.
My entry is the squirrel in the snow title Cute For Food. (no longer watermarked)
http://wncmagazine.com/photocontest You may vote once daily.
Round 1 voting runs October 15-22; Round 2 runs October 23-31. THANK YOU.

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