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Click Click C-Click Click C-C-Click

So I went what seems like forever without taking photos for fun while we worked on the house. I did play hooky when the HCC went to  TEIC.

Since we’ve moved in I’ve been to Morganton for a cover shoot at Brown Mountain and stopped to see Lineville Falls, and we saw Hawksbill (BW pic below) and Table Rock from Wisemans Overlook- although I’m not sure how wise it was on that pothole filled road. I really wanted to get to the bottom of Lineville Falls, partly because I want to see it from the bottom, and in part because I think it’d make a nice cover in the same book series. We were on the wrong side of the water and running out of time so I’ll just have to go back. After hearing the details of how you get to the bottom we were not really dressed in all out hiking gear either.
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