Biltmore Estate


A friend, June invited me to photograph the grounds of Biltmore with her. As grand as the house itself is, the outside is more my thing… especially when I see horses.



I made these photos to make the one composite at the very top.

and for this mystical one I used Topaz Labs.

Biltmore w June 02 10 18 14

I liked a discontinued edit in photoshop but found that Topaz laps Impression Liquid lines II does a very similar effect. I think this would make a cool book cover if Biltmore Estate would sign a property release.  I took middle photo of the 3 just above into Topaz, applied Liquid Lines II, adjusted the light direction and coverage so no background was showing thru. When I was done I adjusted the layer back in Photoshop to allow just a tad of the original image to show thru by lowering the opacity just a little. I added a mask and hid just a little more of the Topaz adjustment layer right over the house.

Check out Topaz here

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