Lighting strikes. Who knew?

I was originally trying to figure out why my Vellos Freewave Stryker was not capturing anything and never has.

Maybe I should look in to a Pluto Trigger or a MK Controls Lightning Bug, for my birthday if they’d work on my Panasonic fz1000 or fz300… but then again I did already mention a book, ask to go to Grayson Highlands and PF Changs (if my headaches would cooperate) plus I’ve bought not one, but two Vanguard tripods plus another camera bag 🙂 If you would like to save 15% off your purchase from Vanguard click here, and use this referral code SAVEWITHKIMINWNC

Thanks to Pecos Hank, I finally know that the horizontal light bars in my lightning photos and videos are caused by the rolling shutter. I still have a lot of things to learn about capturing lightning but that is one less thing for me to work on because that’s just the way the shutter works.

I put one of my cameras on a tripod and captured these photos and when I combined them stacked with layers lined up in Photoshop hoping to get branches. I didn’t capture branches but what I found this really interesting was that the same shaped strike was in the photos in several spots. That is the multiple strike line photo. Note… I did NOT move the layers, the lightning moved. To see this I went back to the video and slowed it way down. I had no idea lightning did what it did in the same shape like that. The only thing I did on the video was crop in closer and slow it down.

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