CCoH March Before & After and Repetition

These are my 3 for Gimmie your best shot, repetition, and if you think they look familiar they were all from my last trip to the Biltmore House. The Gimmie your best shots have to be shot this year and I didn’t have time to go back thru this year of photos or purposely do a shoot for the theme so I used these.

Even though I was a member of the camera club starting back in 2010, I wasn’t a member when we did before and after shots. The club provides some images to choose from and each member edits up to 3 as they see fit. I think it’s neat to see the common and unique things each photographer sees. It’s sort of like Chrysta Rae’s Scavenger hunts over on Google+, well maybe a little more ‘inside the box’ than those 🙂

The RAW images I did not take are shown on the left that I chose to edit.  The amount of data in a RAW file just amazes me what can be pulled out in processing.

1st one is the boat by Gary Lightner. Most everyone moved the boat to the right. A few of us cropped it into a vertical. I like the birds as much as the boat so I accented them. I did basic edits in Lightroom, then took into Photoshop. There  I cloned out a few stumps, and some flowers close to the margins, the teal float under the dock, and the dock in the background. I added a layer with embossing then blended the layer to pull out the detail and texture. A member (thanks Dennis) pointed out the chromatic aberration along the tree line in the back and I learned there’s a nifty little checkbox in PS to remove that.


My edit to the viaduct image by Reid Northrup had people thinking I need therapy. I started out removing the twig at the top and the white line on the road. I did basic edits in LR then moved over to Photoshop. Then I just sat back looking at it. I always tend to wonder how that road stays there hanging out in the air so I decided to make it look like what I’d envisioned if it fell.  I first used PS Liquify to pull the road down, then I used a PS action called sandstorm that I bought from Envato Market Graphic River  . If you use my link and purchase something I get credit, so thank you.


My last B&A of the window by Bob Coffey, wasn’t shown but I’ll post it here.

There was such contrast in the image no matter how hard I tried to tone down the window highlights I wasn’t quite getting it and I didn’t like what was outside the window so after straightening it and doing some basic edits I masked out the window and blew the highlights out, then warmed it up like bright sunlight. This hid all the porch detail I didn’t feel added to the photo. But since it was already masked out I used another one of the photos we had to choose from and put in a different outdoor scene. In my defense, I didn’t see the ‘rule’ to not add anything to the photos. I even went back and read again looking for the that. I’d already finished editing my 3 and since the image was available to all members I submitted it.


Now I did hear about some new actions (thanks John) that I’d like to get as I already have a photo in mind to flood. Next up Mike has another field trip or two already planned for April.

Check out the camera club if you’re a local photog. Just turn off your speakers first if you have cats that will freak, as the site has sound.

Mike has several field trips already lined up because he’s just awesome about finding, scouting and scheduling those.We have presentations and critiques from professional photographers. We have presentations and critiques from professional photographers, mentors available and well, just fun getting together. Details on their website.

I have been entering some contest over on Viewbug. See a few of my photos at Viewbug or Flickr

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