What I’m reading July 2019. Luong. Thomas. Paris.

Reading July

Miracle in a Dry Season (Appalachian Blessings Book #1) is by Sarah Loudin Thomas. I learned of this book while following her blog. It was an easy read and although it did have scripture scattered throughout, it showed Christians as the flawed sinners we all are, saved by grace, and forgiven because Jesus died for our sins. Actually, this book had a lot about forgiveness. It was set in 1954 and the “courting” seemed really old fashioned to me, but then again I didn’t start dating until about 30 years after that.  If you don’t want to know what the miracle is, skip to the next paragraph. I have mixed feelings about a gift of food that doesn’t end. I believe God can work miracles and that Jesus fed the multitudes with a few fish and loaves of bread and that if God wants to use a person He certainly could. Then again it is a fiction novel. When it got to the loss of a parent, I felt like she had to have been through it. I cried. Like had to set the book down because I couldn’t see the words on the page. Even though the plot was somewhat predictable, I will continue to read her books.

The cover had a matte finish with raised lettering. I don’t see anything I would have changed about the cover, including its slightly unusual spine.
Cover design by Kathleen Lynch
Cover photography by Debra Lill/Trevillion Images

Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America’s National Parks by Q.T. Luong made me want to grab my gear and visit every single one of the National Parks, with a guide that could take me to the very best spots and just the right times! I think the new edition of this would make a wonderful birthday gift. Just saying. I would’ve had a really tough time choosing the one photograph for the cover. This is a lovely book. “The most complete visual tour of all 59 US National Parks in a coffee-table book, with location notes for each photograph.  59 national parks, 20+ years, 456 pages, 500+ photographs, 130,000+ words, 60 maps, 12×10 inches. 7.4 lbs” I regret I did not remember to get the cover design credentials.

I’m not sure where I heard about Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. I’ve never read anything from this author from England.  At the start of the book, I was amazed several times that someone could think like what I was reading.  Talk about mind games.  Midway through it got a tad monotonous but then as the end neared it was almost like Paris was in a hurry to tie up all the ends. I had a hard time believing the outcome but that is all I’ll say. It was a fairly quick read even if I did get hung up on some of the language difference every now and again. The cover was okay. I like red, black and white together, but the doorknob placement in the door bugged me, as did the light through the keyhole and the look of a farmhouse door instead of a grand house entry.  The book jacket photograph is by Lyn Randle Trevillion Images. Designed by Steven Seighman. I will probably try another one by her.

I picked  Mountain Nature: A Seasonal Natural History of the Southern Appalachians by Jennifer Frick-Ruppert, but then two books I’d reserved came in. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. I think I got a little carried away on what I’d make time to read. Right off I wished the entire book would’ve been in color. Even though I am truly aware of how much that adds to the cost of a book. I started reading, then found myself flipping and reading when I found an intriguing photo, then returning the copy to the library with the thoughts that I may pick it back up in the future.

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I tend to like thrillers, law, mysteries or Christian based novels. I seem to be finding new authors all the time that I enjoy reading. I do not want to read books where they take the Lord’s name in vain, have a lot of graphic violence, are about sports and I’m really not into non-fiction history.

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