Shoot-it-while-you-can (circles, food, broken glass, and an orchid)

I was originally saving that headline for an old building that I knew would not be there for long. I decided to use it for this post.  Our word for CCoH February was  “circles” I can’t remember what or if I shared any?   Here are a few pics for that.

The camera club, like everything else, is on hold because of the pandemic. I missed the deadline for “juxtaposition” anyway, even though that meeting was canceled. Now I can add “learn Zoom” to my to-do list before the next meeting this month.

Funny really, these last few months could be labeled “juxtaposition” to what normal was, and now is. Last year I shot some food images. I’d submitted a few of those food images for “reflections” and “curves’ and have shared those in the past.

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I’m not exactly sure what motivated me to take food photos. It kind of started with staging for a client and morphed into something else.

We did eat most of this, so as not to be wasteful, and hey, it’s better for us than opening a bag of chips!

When life gives me lemons… I photograph em. And, by life giving me lemons, what I really mean is, I get an idea, go to the store, buy stuff and come home with it. I try to buy stuff we’ll eat so it’s not quite as wasteful.

Here are some new ones that were shot before the juxtaposition spaghetti photoshoot. I wonder if you can have your own photo made into a range backsplash that is really cleanable from grease splatter?

Let me back up and give you the back story on playing with a dozen boxes of spaghetti.

My hubby has celiac disease so food shopping for him includes reading labels looking for hidden gluten. Our local grocery chain, Ingles, is great about marking foods ‘gluten-free” but they quit carrying ALL gluten-free spaghetti. They have other noodles shapes, but not spaghetti, so I started ordering it from Amazon in a 12 pack. Last pic is what he did with the spaghetti when I was done. Guess by the time it turns to compost the detergent smell won’t matter.

I received an entire box that smelled (according to hubby who can smell) like it had a detergent or heavy fragrance on it. He said the spaghetti itself smelled like it even out of the box. Amazon replaced it but I set the box aside to create some images while I had 12 packs of unedible noodles. 🙂  So the images I had in mind, are the only ones that were out of focus and unusable, but while I had it out I shot lots more. My thought on juxtaposition was cooked wiggly noodles against straight uncooked noodles. I learned my gas stove will cook my arm before it can cook half the noodles even trying to hold the pan off-center to the flame. I really don’t like being in the pics either.

I liked the non-planned shots though. Who knew I could spend so much time with sticks of rice pasta.


and kitchen items


I broke a glass not too long ago and made a photoshoot out of that too. When life gives me “lemons”… I take photos. Even if it takes a quarantine with no paying jobs coming in at the moment. Any of you authors reading this need a book cover image or design? I just paid my SOSNC yearly fee. I didn’t see they were giving extensions on getting their payment.  The broken, but usable vessel photos with the bandaid, didn’t quite turn out like I envisioned. Think it would’ve helped if we had small bandages that were not clear.

Psalm 34 17-20 broken hearted 2-sm

As I’ve sat on the porch I’ve watched a pair of Purple wrens building a nest, completely unfazed with what is going on with us humans. I’ve actually been kinda uninspired in the photography area. Not so much at the time of capture, but I’d rather work in the yard than sit at the computer, so all that to say I just sat there watching them w.o my camera. I admire those photographers out there capturing this pandemic with journalism type photos. It will definitely be one for the history books.

Next on my to-do list, is to put together all the dream videos I have of Tyler and do a post on it. That and to finally get to more closet, computer and bookcase purging. I’ve planted some whirlygigs. I have no idea if I’ll get even one maple tree, but thought I may as well give it a shot. Back in February for Valentine’s Day, I bought myself an orchid. Glad I took pics then because who knows if I can make it bloom again.  Here’s to making the most of this time. My plan is to stay strong,  be healthy, get stuff done and make time to do a little something each day that I want to do. A walk, reading, just cuddling with Tyler, sitting with my hubby on the porch or taking a nap.  I could get extra productive and learn a new language but my plate feels full enough.

The storm that came through WNC Sunday night, Monday morning seem to wash everything clean. The colors were so crisp the next day as we cleaned up the damage. Nothing like going through a storm for things to be clearer. I can relate this to life too.

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7 thoughts on “Shoot-it-while-you-can (circles, food, broken glass, and an orchid)

    1. KiM Post author

      Could that be because you have a chef in the family? 🙂 Broke another glass this morning. That is like 3 this year, but I’m not motivated to do another broken glass shoot just yet.



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