The “C” word

Used to be cancer, now it’s Covid and I’m beyond sick of hearing the word.  I think we are pretty divided about how to handle it. I posted a meme on MY personal Facebook page that and boy did the comments start to fly. Some came up with highly articulate things to say like “dumb” and “stupid”.

I quickly saw the divide between, “We’ve got to get the country back open before there is nothing to come back to” to “I’m gonna stay inside until there is no danger left from anything.


Almost as bad as talking about republican or democrat. Geez. I’m all for you making the decision for yourself. If you want to go back to work and life. Go. If you want to stay home. Stay.

It’s not like all those home deliveries have not been touched multiple times. It’s like we are being brainwashed into thinking our freedom to choose for ourselves is selfish.

Grocery stores how about having some lines with masked check out people and some without instead of forcing your employees to wear one? Put a little mask on the lane number light and see if people even care which lane they check out through after touching the carts, and every item they put in their cart.

Business Owner? Open and see if the community supports you like the big chain stores?  I am so glad I am not a retail business owner anymore. Temp checks, limited customers or clients, fear of being sued while you work your butt off to basically start over with less income and more expenses to run your business. Lots of small business owners were working long hours and not raking in the money before all this started. I fear we will continue to lose more small businesses to conglomerate chain stores. Why is Walmart essential and your local mom and pop not?

I have a family member that has an essential business. They have to check their temperature and employees temp several times during the day and send home anyone who has a temp. With this theory I could be sick and my boss would never know since my normal temp is 97.0 and a temp is 2 degrees above your normal, making 99 degrees  a fever for me. On the flip side what if your normal temp was say 100, you’d have to bring in a doctor’s note to say that was your baseline temp and normal for you.  Nothing like bosses having to play nurse.  I can just imaging after months of hermiting inside, the immune system would be down to nothing.

I’m sick of hearing “new normal.” NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL.

The low death percentage alone is enough to not need a new normal other than basic sanitary precautions we all should’ve been doing anyway.  Death is normal. It’s always happened and always will. Now, when this first came out and they made it sound as deadly as Ebola, I get the percautions if we were dealing with certain death. But it’s not  that.

The numbers you say? You can beleive those either. Well if you don’t count recovered people who tested positive. If you can have it, recover, test negative 3x then show symptoms again how do you count that? If you can test positive and show no symptoms like all the basketball players, I’d think those should be counted.

If a car accident or cancer death is counted as a Covid death because the hospitals make more money from Covid deaths I just can’t believe any of the numbers. Why is a death listed as Covid if someone died WITH IT, BUT NOT FROM A COMPLICATION OF IT? Will it all just go away after the election after the economy that was built back up is in ruin? Why are people not dying from the regular ole flu all of a sudden? Why is 6′ okay but less is dangerous? Why can it live on surfaces but not what comes in the mail or is at Walmart? Why can the restaurants open but not the gyms? Why is Wednesday too early but Friday we can do another step? Why can I not go to church?!  Why is contact for pick up food okay, but sitting down at a restaurant not?

WHY are we still buying stuff from China? Why?!

Here are some of my thoughts. Again, I would never suggest YOU do anything yourself YOU are not comfortable with. But, I do have a problem with others telling me what do do.  Oh, a month or so ago I posed the question “what if you can have the regular flu and be asymptomatic?” Everyone including me always that if you had the flu you darn well knew it. Turns out, Yes, yes you CAN have the flu and have no symptoms and be sharing it around causing death to the elderly and immune-compromised. (Click the 2″yes” words to read from 2 sites) I personally think Covid is a strain here to stay that will mutate and migrate just like all the other coronavirus of the past.  When it went past, flatten the curve and protecting the vulnerable, to stay home until there is a cure or a vaccine, or until after it settles down this first wave then quarantine when it comes back in the fall I decided to go back to normal. BTW my 70 yo mom did that before me and she never really quarantined when it started. I will not follow blindly in fear of living, of supporting local small businesses, of using my own common sense to make decisions for MYSELF, and no one is forcing others out. I am not breaking any “laws” and I encourage everyone to think for themselves and ask if they really think the novel strain of coronavirus will not be around from now on, and if they do get a vaccine, that it will be likely no more effective than the flu vaccines in guessing the strain and mutated virus every year. They may find a vaccine. The virus will mutate.

When it first came out and sounded like certain death for most people I stayed at home in case I was asymptomatic. I wanted to do my part to flatten the curve and not overwhelm the hospitals. I stayed away from my 70yo mom. I sanitized everything. When they kept revising the death rate, changing how long the virus lived on surfaces and are not sure if you can get it again, I realized that it’s likely here to stay and was not the death sentence they were thinking it was. The flu kills lots of people annually and they’ve known about it for ages. They have a vaccine and lots of people choose to get vaccinated. If I am sick I will stay home, as I always have. I will continue to wash my hands like I always have. I am fine with staying out of people’s personal space and not shaking hands. Living life will never come with a safe to proceed sticker.

Apparently it needs saying “Just because I disagree with you, does not mean I hate you.” 

Lastly, here are some pics I went out and shot in beautiful WNC.


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and if you don’t agree with me. That is fine too. I don’t need approval to have my own thoughts and I’m not forcing my thoughts on to you, and I am not going to get into a debate on here. Bickering comments will be deleted. Life is too short for the drama. #youdoyouandI’lldome

3 thoughts on “The “C” word

  1. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    GREAT post, Kim! You’ve saved me from having to blog about this topic. You’ve said it all. We have lost our collective mind. When I run out of bleach solution, I will stop wiping things down and that will be that. Thanks for bringing some much-needed sanity to a subject that continues to vex us all. 🙂

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