Shape or form plus #WWPW2018

As covered up as I am, I did what I said I wasn’t going to do, and took the time to go shoot for CCoH’s “Gimme your best shot” theme this month, which was shape or form. I went back thru the newsletters to see if they elaborated on that a bit more, but didn’t see anything, so I just went with I thought qualified. Here are the three I sent.

Shape 09-17-2018-sm

Shape 09-18-2018-11-sm

Tried it from all different angles and like this one the best

with all my heart 09-17-2018-sm

and these that I would’ve sent if I could’ve chosen more than three or if they could’ve been shot outside this year.

anyone see camerasIt is my turn to bring snacks this time and I had the brilliant idea to make sugar cookies in the shape of a camera (see the top photo). I’d ordered the cookie cutter last year and I asked my mom to borrow a rolling pin since hubby made off with mine years ago for a flooring job. I flattened out the dough, pressed in the cutter once, twice and on the third one the dough quit coming out. The shape was too large to make enough for 30 or 40 anyway so I just made regular cookies out of the rest of the dough. When pulling them out of the oven I realized the whole thing was a bad idea, but alas it won’t be a mistake I can make again, as I put the cookie cutter in the dishwasher and it warped all out of shape. I tried using cookie icing and drawing s lends on round ones. I didn’t heat the icing like it said because it was already too runny. I even tried putting it in the fridge but his wasn’t gonna cut it either. It looked more like a squashed spider ūüėČ


Looks like I’ll be trying something else. The mint brownies I made for our Christmas get together seemed like a hit and I know how to make those! #hatebeinginthekitchen

WWPW2018 (Mobile)I’ve sent the local papers the press releases and now I’m just hoping it’s not pouring rain on October 6th since we have no plan B – it’s a rain or shine walk. There is still plenty of spaces left in our local walk but you’ve got to sign up at 
This is Scott Kelby’s 11th WORLDWIDE Photo Walk and is not part of the local camera club so no liability releases are required. You go to the site, put in your zip code and find a walk near you. If you want to participate in the contest you must be signed up by walk day. The one I’m leading this year is back at Jackson Park for their Farm City Day. I know we’ve done that before but our area is kinda limited on choices that meet their criteria and appeal to the most people.

Hope to see you there! It’s in less than two weeks so sign up today.

Read more here

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